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Heavenly Music Corporation and PGR are the solo efforts of Silent Records' founder, Kim Cascone. Cascone self-released his first PGR LP, "Silence," in 1985. That experience gave him the impetus to start Silent Records in 1986. Several other PGR full length releases and collaborations followed, including LPs "Flickering of Sowing Time" on RRRecords, "Cyclone par l'immobile habite" on Permis de Construire in France, CDs "GRAV" and "Fetish" on Silent Records, "A Hole of Unknown Depth" on Noctovision in Japan and most recently "Morning Book of Serpents" on Silent.
Heavenly Music Corporation came to life in 1993, coinciding with the birth of Cascone's son,Cage. Drawing on many influences, including Iannis Xenakis, Brian Eno, John Cage, Morton Subotnick, and Aphex Twin, Cascone has launched numerous pioneering projects in addition to HMC, including Thessalonians, Spice Barons, Patternclear and Satellite IV.
Cascone recieved formal training in electronic music arrangement and composition at the Berklee School of Music in the early 1970's, and in 1976 studied with Dana McCurdy at the New School in Manhattan. In the late 1980's after gaining experience as an audio technician, Cascone worked with David Lynch as Assistant Music Editor in both the syndicated television pilot Twin Peaks and the movie Wild at Heart. Cascone left the film industry in 1989 to concentrate on making Silent Records the U.S.'s premier ambient label.
See also HMC's brand new CD Anechoic.

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