S P I C E . B A R O N S
"Future Perfect State"

Future Perfect State CD cover "What has always been our strength, our excitement, is the spices around us. From the taste of ginger, to the crisp sound of autumn leaves beneath a gentle walk, to the pulsating white of a full moon. Spices are everywhere, forever weaving." -- Don Falcone of Spice Barons

The barons of ambient have returned to their first full length album. The Spice Barons have been on the tongues of ambient connoisseurs since their breakthrough track "Spice of God" on the first From Here to Tranquility compilation. Since that time they have also had work on the John C. Lilly "E.C.C.O." CD, and on their side projects on the "Unidentified Floating Ambience" compilation CD. The high tech gurus continue in their quality-before-gimmicks approach to create only the best in spiced soundwaves. This is the disc that you give your friend when they ask that difficult "What is Ambient?" question.

Sound Icon "White Moon" (MPEG 366K)

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