H E A V E N L Y . M U S I C . C O R P O R A T I O N

Anechoic CD cover Within the ambient/experimental culture, Kim Cascone has in the past 15 years, generated a signature sound. That signature has the initials H.M.C. The well-respected Heavenly Music Corporation has delivered one more gem to its mystical repository.

"Anechoic" is the next in the series of experiments into musical sprituality and introspection. H.M.C. ventures through new realities with this release, embodying new personalities within the same soul.

This release was recorded in a room that once housed a mainframe computer. The environment of the room, that still had many components remaining including its color (IBM Blue), had drawn Kim to its aura and provoked him back to his roots of the mainframe computer. This is heavily apparent by the attitude of the piece, rendering you engulfed in a world of the past "psycholocally extracted" into the present. "Entropica meets Morton Subotnik" is how Kim views the beatless yet culturally amazing array of sounds "Anechoic" is comprised of.

"Ambient music must go BACK in order to go forward...The spirit of the mainframe and how it has impacted electronic music should be analyzed and learned from. This CD is an attempt to do that: to take some of the 60's mainframe culture and fold it into the future of ambient."

Sound Icon "Octal" (386K)

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