"The Morning Book of Serpents"

Morning Book of Serpents CD cover The current trend of isolationist music owes much to the work of ambient industrial pioneers such as PGR, Hafler Trio, Zoviet France, Lustmord and many others.

This collection of obscure tracks is a documentation of PGR's evolution, utilizing the compilation format as a petri-dish. In its eleven year history, PGR has been an inspiration to current isolationist artists such as Mick Harris of Lull, and has created work that continues to challenge and stimulate the ears of today's ambient fans. To date, only five full-length albums were ever recorded, and, as was the trend with this genre of music, many tracks for compilations were created, but hardly any of these reached listeners in the USA. Silent is proud to present these lost tracks chosen from the master tape vault of PGR...they will serve as a reminder that most fashions are short lived, but that art is eternal.

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