"A Hole Of Unknown Depth"

A Hole Of Unknown Depth CD cover Previously released on the Noctovision label in Japan 1995, A Hole of Unknown Depth conveys intricate vibration and reflection of surrounding enviroments.

"Microbe" as the introduction, is pleasurable and simple. Following tracks abound with numerous sounds- too many to be able to concentrate on only one. All sound are blended forcefully yet they perfectly echo natural and mechanical sounds. PGR focuses on these deliberate audible illusions.

"Horizontal" takes you through a path through a variety of soundscapes, on one level, at a steady speed. never moving up or down.

"Colorless" gives a spiritual quality to intensify the pale as ghosts pitch. This gives strength to the changes of simple black low beats and pure white piercing tones. This track shows that being colorless is not dull or dead but an entity in itself offering a kaleidoscope for the ears.

The final eruption, "13" casts labrynthal views concentrating on depression versus elevation. Shining disorder is produced as a consequential drift of sonic locomotion.

The four tracks on AHOUD were made to re-create and embellish various backgrounds the artist had heard in daily life. These sounds are easily found but rarely noticed. Each atmosphere handcrafts emotional impact, if not a collision.

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Sound Icon "13" (MPEG 308K)

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