A M B I E N T . T E M P L E . O F . I M A G I N A T I O N
"Sonic Acupuncture"

CD cover art In the realm of ambient music, few artists have all the right sounds as well as the spiritual depth to breath life into their work. ATOI is one of those artists. On Sonic Acupuncture Richard Sun continues with his Great Work, further transmuting the ordinary into magickal sonic textures as heard on his first Silent release, MYSTERY SCHOOL. The bonus live CD ELEUSINIA combines the minimal repetitive structures of minimalist composers such as Steve Reich and Phillip Glass with post-techno sensibilities. With this double CD, this vital and magickal artist continues to push the boundaries of the sonic landscape, and proves that ATOI is traversing that landscape in giant steps.

Sound Icon "Exorcism" (469K)

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