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Welcome to Silent Records' new improved web site! We apologize for the delay in getting our site up, but we have been going through a few changes with our ISP -- we're now residing at Virtual Sites, and are no longer at IUMA. Plus, we have been so busy with new releases lately we've had little time for anything else. We are putting out an average of 3 new titles a month -- on Silent, the mothership (ambient), and our imprints, Furnace (industrial), Flask (acid, electronica) and Sulphur (the kitchen sink, for music that defies pigeonholes).

If you are unfamiliar with Silent Records.

For information on our MPEG sound files.

We have a full release schedule planned for 96, starting in January with a new From Here To Tranquility compilation comprised of Silent artists. Silent has brand new CDs planned from Chris Meloche, Makyo, Phauss, Burning Sea, Heavenly Music Corporation, Ambient Temple of Imagination, 23 Degrees, and more. Furnace Records also has an impressive lineup with Pounce International, E.C.M., Industrial Heads, Operation:Mindwipe, Permutation Test, Syntax Error and more. Since this is an ambient website, we don't cover Furnace here, but please, do log onto the Furnace site .

Stay tuned to this site, as we will be adding new release info to it regularly. Your comments are welcome. We can also be reached by emailing silent@.... Happy surfing.

Please take the time to read theJanuary Silent Newsletter

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