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Welcome to the Silent Records website.  I hope you can find something useful here.  This site is devoted to the ambient music label Silent Records.  I have spent many hours researching the label, interviewing the creators, artists and designers involved, and collecting the releases that made Silent Records such an important part of the history of ambient music. 

Please note that this site is an archival only type site to be used for research purposes and enjoyment.  The label Silent Records folded in 1996 and this site is not associated with anyone involved with the label.


The Releases section includes listings of the albums that Silent Records put out during the label’s existence.  There are many different options available for finding what you need..

The Artists section includes pages highlighting those artists and musicians responsible for making Silent Records the seminal ambient music label in the US.  Here you will find information, discographies, current news and links, where are they now, and interviews.

Also included in this site is the History of Silent as well as an Ephemera section that includes some Silent Records goodies.  As the site grows, changes will be posted on a News page - so check back often!

Constant research has it’s rewards!  I have found a source for new unopened Silent Records material.  I have also accumulated multiple used copies of many releases.  To help pay for the time and hosting costs, I am selling many of these disks on the Sale page.

I encourage all those visitors who may have something to contribute to write to me.  I think the time is right to start looking back at the “golden age” of ambient music and to let those who were responsible know how much we appreciate them.  Before you leave, please take a moment to sign the Silent Guests book.

If you have any questions or contributions, please feel free to write to me at  Thank you and enjoy!

For a treat check out this temporary link to the original Silent Records website! Kim Cascone kindly provided these files but keep in mind that obsolete links and information have been edited. This will be added to the permanent site for archival purposes soon. Enjoy! the original Silent Records website

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