Welcome to Silent Mission Control

Silent Records propels itself into 1996 with a powerful line-up of electronic euphoria

Releases for January 1996:

From Here to Tranquility vol. 5 (The Silent Channel) (Silent)
Another installment in the series that took the ambient world to the next level of bliss. This compilation features many of Silent's indefeasible ambient projects. We welcome you to experience our eclectic/euphoric form of soothing subliminal drones and diversified arrays of musical emissions. Features: Ambient Temple of Imagination/Heavenly Music Corporation/Closedown/23Degrees/Pelican Daughters/Thessalonians/Makyo/Spice Barons/Burning Sea/Phauss vs PGR/Trancendental Anarchists. If this isn't enough for you, then maybe you're due for your next check-up from the neck-up!!!

PGR "A Hole of Unknown Depth" (Silent)
Previously released in Japan, Silent brings this exergonic piece to the U.S. As one of the originating contributors to the Isolationist movement PGR has influenced many with it's unique enthralling style. Periodically injected sounds swirl around an environment of subtly invasive waves of dark ambience. All are blended forceful yet perfectly, echoing natural and mechanical environments. The four tracks on this piece were made to re-create and embellish various backgrounds heard in the daily life of this indelible visionary.

Pounce International "The Populace Oracle" (Furnace)
The combination of "industrial" and ambient permutate into a lethal compound. This debut full length release utilizes flowing environments with elements of the abrasive world of the dance electronic/experimental movement. The incendiary Furnace label delivers yet another project breaking the paradigm of the "industrial" scene. Paul Campbell brilliantly executes the incorporation of female vocals into this project. This is a release that reflects the strengths of the elektronic/experimental movement without the constraints of genre classification.

From Darryl Hell / promotions czar (Silent East)

1996 holds many new things in store for you from Silent Mission Control. We will be doing a series of experimental/ambient parties @ the Furnacelab facility in New Jersey. These parties are designed to restore the esthetic of the psychedelic loft parties of the 60's/early 70's. For info contact our east coast office.

Our "Digital DJ Series" which debuted on New Years Eve in Tucson, Arizona, will be coming to a club/space near you. These video mixes feature the musical manipulation of the terrifying infectious Silent resident ?DJ's. If you want to experience this, get your local club to contact us.

For those looking to chill, we will be sponsoring message therapists with hypnotic ambient to remove the layers of negativity from the "rat race" society.

Net savvy people will get strong doses of Silent from their computer when we launch our 2 hour pirate broadcasts. They will feature new Silent music with the "psychohypnotik" video of s6k Manipulations.

Our NYC friends will get a treat when Silent invades Manhattan & Paragon cable in February on New York*New Rock. For info on these and many other events, stay tuned to our web page @ http://www.silent.org.

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(east) Darryl Hell/Director of Promotions
(west) Stephanie /Promotions Assistant