A B O U T . S I L E N T . S O U N D . F I L E S

All Silent sound files are in the MPEG format. We chose this format because MPEG files sound so much better than the lo-res sound files often found at other sites. This is because ours are 16bit 44.1kHz files. In order to make the file download time more manageable we kept the files mono.

Please download a high quality MPEG player demo from the Kauai Media site. Or, if you'd like to browse their site for more information, go to the Kauai homepage

The demo will only play back around 5 seconds of audio but the commercial version playback is limited only by file size. We recommend this demo to everybody and if you want the real McCoy it'll only set you back $25. We here at Silent think it's worth every penny since it allows you to get full bandwidth high quality sound files over the net at approximately the same download time as the lo-res formats. Other MPEG players will play these files too -- just make sure that your browser is set up for MPEG files. You can find more info on all this at the IUMAsite. There's gobs of info there on MPEG and you'll even find the Kauai MPEG demo there...check it out!

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